About Us

Leafbird Tea is a site dedicated to demystifying the art of tea-drinking. Bad brews should be a thing of the past – and with our definitive guides to getting the best out of your cuppa, you’ll be drinking perfect tea in no time!

Founded in 2020 by James Haikney, a tea enthusiast on the search for the perfect cup, Leafbird Tea has established itself as one of the most trusted sources on the web for a variety of queries. As well as a passion for exceptional brews, James brought with him an expert understanding of innovative digital content and a commitment to excellence that paved the way for the brand to become the industry pioneer it is today. His hands-on approach and can-do attitude have driven us from the very beginning to bring this vision of a trusted, accessible and engaging digital space for all things tea, to life.

Across the site, we tackle everything from brewing times to whether you can share a cuppa with your household pet. If you have a question about tea, we aim to answer it simply, clearly, and comprehensibly. Gone are the days when having a passion for tea was the preserve of the upper classes – with us, everyone gets their share of the pot! We want to create a space for everyone to learn something new; whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned sipper, our primary objective is to empower you to elevate your tea-drinking experience. Whether it’s definitive guides, insightful articles or expert advice, Leafbird Tea have you covered.

Beyond brewing tips, Leafbird Tea aims to delve into the cultural, historical and scientific elements to tea. We aspire to not only be a go-to source for practical advice, but also a platform to help you engage with broader discussion surrounding traditions, innovations and sustainable practices within the tea industry.

Years later, and our one man operation has flourished into a tea community consisting of writers based across the globe. Leafbird is like a teabag left to brew: it’s only going from strength to strength. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the world of tea.